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Texas Timber Wolf
expanded in 2012!

The construction of our
1600 Square Foot Workshop
was an exciting project that has since
helped us serve you
better, faster and more efficiently.

Read all about our expansion from a two-car garage to our magnificent new production facility on this page and share our excitement.

2011, May 4 Wohoo, We're starting an new and exciting endeavor.
After 15 months of searching and negotiating we finally found a suitable property for the construction of our new workshop facility in Wylie, TX.
A 1/3 acre lot that is so far undeveloped.
We decided to make a conditional offer to secure the lot and investigate its suitability for our purposes.
2011, August 17We submitted an application for final plat to turn the raw piece of land we contracted to buy into a properly documented building site.
2011, August 29Well, now we own it!
Today, thanks to Cheryl Webb, our realtor, we finally closed on the lot.
The future home of Texas Timber Wolf.
2011, October 11Planning and Zoning approved the final plat application and thereby allowed us to continue our construction plans for the new workshop.
2011, October 26A big day entering us into the next phase of pre-costruction activities: our site plan was submitted for approval by P&Z and City Council.
2011, November 15Our Site Plan passed the Planning and Zoning Board review and is now clear to go in front of the Wylie City Council.
2011, December 13Another milestone passed: Wylie City Council approved our site plan.
We can now focus on construction plans and apply for construction permit.
2012, February 1Today, after vigorous work by our Construction Managers Bryan Rogers and Gerry Benson from Better Design Resources, we crossed another threshold in our pre-construction phase: We applied for the building permit!  Let's keep our fingers crossed.
2012, February 22Let the construction begin! We were granted a phased permit and can now begin with earth, utility, and foundation work. As we finalize contractor and supplier selections, the project begins to take shape and it starts to sink in: the dream is turning into reality.

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