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Read what our clients say about us:

Sarmita M. (North Dallas) - New Kitchen Project    Click the project title to get more information.
"The kitchen is my sanctuary in the house. It is the center of all activities. We really wanted to make sure it would stand up to the daily use and abuse and look fantastic.

Wolf far exceeded our expectations. "

Matt K. (Plano) - Entertainment Center    Click the project title to get more information.
"I highly recommend Wolf for home carpentry projects.  

We hired Wolf to design and build a custom home entertainment center and he was a true professional from beginning to end.   From the very beginning, he spent a lot of time working with us on visualizing the project, design tradeoffs and evaluating samples.

My best endorsement of Wolf is the integrity he has for his work.   Unlike some contractors that you need to watch closely and constantly check for errors - Wolf holds his work to a very high standard and proactively caught and corrected items that we might never have noticed.

We're thrilled with the results!"

Stephanie D. (Oak Point) - Batmobile Bed    Click the project title to get more information.
"My son loves it just as much as the rest of us do. The first night he slept in it he passed out and he stayed out all night. He did not get up once and to this day he has stayed in his bed with out a hitch. He is also sleeping later and not wanting to get up in the morning which is a bit of a pain. But that just shows how much he really likes this bed. Before in his crib once he was up he was ready to get out and leave. Now he stays in bed and does not want to get up at all. 

Thank you so much for the great work."

Kalene S. (McKinney) - Kitchen Remodel    Click the project title to get more information.
"The custom cabinets are beautiful - great craftsmanship. There was an issue with the grout color in the laundry room but it was corrected without a problem. 

Overall our remodeled kitchen is beautiful."

Allan K. (Plano) - Shower Remodel   Click the project title to get more information.
" I have known Wolf for many years. He has always been extremely capable of any task that he has undertaken. We had a very difficult shower restoration. Wolf bid on the demolition and restoration in a prompt and cost effective manner. He conducted his restoration in a professional manner which resulted in a complete rebuild of our master shower. His workmanship was professional in every way. I would hire him again and recommend him to anyone that needs his services. 

We appreciate his assistance!"

The above quotes were taken from voluntary client feedback and have been published with the clients' consent.


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