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Texas Timber Wolf rewards you for your referrals.

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Refer a new
get paid

Get a $50 Referral Bonus
Get Paid    for showing off!

With our

you get paid 

for showing your new "toys" to your friends and neighbors.


Here's how it works: After we complete the first job for you at a $500 minimum charge, for every new customer you refer to us, we will pay you $50 * cash when we complete their first $500 or larger order. Simply have the referral mention your name and the project you showed and the rest is automatic.


*Program Restrictions: 1. Referral cannot be paid if referred cancels the order for any reason. 2. Referral bonus is only paid for first job for new customers. 3. Only one referral bonus is paid per new customer. 4. Texas Timber Wolf has the sole right and discretion to determine bonus eligibility. 5. Bonuses will be paid in cash or check only.


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