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Entertainment Room with Bar

This 18' angled bar is the center piece in a custom designed and built  entertainment room. Room for 10 guests at it's varnished 2 3/4" solid hard Oak serving counter is only one of the bar's outstanding features. 
The perfect party spot for all occasions. Color, texture and style create an outdoor feel in this indoor party room.

Dj area with separate rounded counter provides the ideal playground for the hobby sound master.

Spacious work area layuot allows three bartenders to operate safely behind the counter.

Richly decorated planteer boxes with faux greenery break up stark unused corners and add interest.

Dual spout beer tap built to commercial specifications serves visitors at large and small occasions.

The rugged brick outer shell and clay tile roof  construction give the room the outdoor "old world" feeling the owner desired.

A 19" wide equipment rack serves as the home for sound equipment and a curved counter inside and on top of the right hand "tower" provides the ideal work space for the hobby D.J.

The dual spout beer tap in the center of the work surface is built to commercial specifications and allows19 Inch equipment rack houses sound equipment. dispensing into all standard beer containers, including tall wheat beer glasses. A slide-in keg drawer under the work surface allows for easy access to beer kegs.

A ceramic tile backsplash provides an easy to clean and durable surface and is lit from a light rope under the service counter.

Built in appliances for hot water and refrigeration make serving and clean up a breeze.

4 drawers on the left side are built to last and function easily by means of heavy duty ball bearing drawer rails. Recessed drip pans with water tight seals in the counter top catch and drain any spills. Closed cabinet space underneath keeps the bar area tidy.

The functional element are tastefully balanced by a patio-like seating arrangement complete with planter boxes in the corners and a custom built tree to conceal electrical wiring.

Outdoor furniture and a custom madde tree convey the feelng of an outdoor patio.

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