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Entertainment Center Re-Build / Retrofit

The problem:  A big gaping hole was all that was left of the previous owner's big screen TV when the new owner moved in.

After moving out, the previous home owner left this client with a gaping hole in a cabinet which was no longer occupied by a large rear projection TV. The client has a new flat screen TV on the fireplace and wanted the hole to be covered.


The solution:

Texas Timber Wolf re-built the lower portion of the cabinet with matching doors and drawer fronts. A slide-out equipment rack offers superior utility as a storage unit for the client's Audio/Video equipment and allows access to cable connections without the need to remove the devices. The cabinet features a pull-out laptop shelf and hidden light switch behind the shelf front. The lit center shelving unit with glass shelf inlays adds an aesthetically pleasing touch and lets the unit appear less massive. Stylish hardware gives the entire unit a sophisticated look that ties in with the existing cabinetry and makes it appear as if the unit has always been there.

An unsightly hole was turned into a roomy and decorative storage unit - custom made to the client's needs.


Entertainment Center after it was rebuilt by Texas Timber Wolf

A simple door hides all A/V components. An infrared extender unit allows operation with the door closedThe A/V Component Rack slides out to allow the owner to access the back of the devices and their cable connections.Lit glass shelving enhances the beauty of the unit and changes its character to a more furniture-like appearance.A hidden light switch keeps the look of he unit clean and smooth. A pull-out shelf under the A/V Rack allows for quick connection of the owners Laptop to the entertainment unit

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